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Initial Compliance Process for Members of the House of Commons

​​​​​​​​​​​​To achieve compliance with the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons, Members of the House of Commons must complete an initial compliance process that begins soon after they are elected or re-elected.

The first step for Members to achieve compliance consists of preparing a confidential disclosure statement​ of detailed information on assets, liabilities, outside activities and other interests for themselves and their immediate family members. Each Member must submit a disclosure statement with supporting documents, such as financial statements, to the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner no later than 60 days after notice of the Member's election is published in the Canada Gazette.

Advisors in the Office review the information in the disclosure statements and advise Members on achieving and maintaining compliance with the Code. They might also request further information to clarify or confirm the information provided, and may also recommend specific compliance measures to prevent conflicts of interest.​

Once all of the required information has been obtained, the advisors prepare a disclosure summary. Members have 60 days to review and sign their disclosure summaries, which are then placed in the public registry maintained by our Office.

The Office maintains a Members' Compliance Status Report​ that identifies where each Member is in the initial compliance process on a specific day. This report is updated as required, and more frequently after general elections.​

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