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​​​​ ​​​Transparency​ through public access to information can be a powerful inducement to ethical behaviour.​​​

The confidential disclosure and public declaration rules in the Conflict of Interest Act and the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons contribute to transparency in Canada’s democracy.

The Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner maintains a public registry of publicly declarable information under the Act and the Code. The information for ministers, parliamentary secretaries and other reporting public office holders can be accessed in the registry throughout their time in public office. It remains in the registry until they have completed their one- or two-year cooling-off period under the Act's post-employment provisions, then is no longer available from the Office. The date a reporting public office holder started post-employment is noted on their entry. The registry contains information for current Members only. Once an individual ceases to be a Member, their information is removed from the registry and is no longer available from the Office.

To support the transparency of its own operations, the Office publishes quarterly statistical reports

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Reporting Rules for Reporting Public Office Holders

Reporting Rules for Members of the House of Commons


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