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Public Office Holders

​​​​​​Individuals​ who are subject to the Conflict of Interest Act are cal​led public office holders.

They include ministers, ministers of state, parliamentary secretaries, the Chief Electoral Officer, the Parliamentary Budget Officer, ministerial staff, ministerial advisers and most Governor-in-Council appointees, some ministerial appointees and any persons designated to be subject to the Act by the Governor in Council.

The Act's general conflict of interest and post-employment rules apply to all of these officials.

Some of them, referred to simply as public office holders​, are subject only to those general rules. This group is mostly made up of part-time members of federal boards, commissions and tribunals, and some part-time ministerial staff.

The rest, referred to as reporting public office holders, are subject not only to the Act's general conflict of interest and post-​employment rules, but also its reporting and public disclosure provisions, and its prohibitions against engaging in outside activities and holding controlle​d assets​. This group is mostly made up of full-time officials. Reporting public office holders include ministers and parliamentary secretaries, ministerial staff and Governor-in-Council appointees such as deputy ministers, heads of Crown corporations and members of federal boards.

The Act has some additional rules that apply to ministers and parliamentary secretaries​ and to ministerial staff.

​Ministers and parliamentary secretaries are also subject t​o the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons.

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