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Educating and informing

​The ​Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner has a specific mandate under section 32 of the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons to undertake educational activities for Members and the general public about the Code and the Commissioner’s role. Although there is no similar mandate in the Conflict of Interest Act, the Office conducts education and outreach on both regimes.

We issue educational tools for public office holders and Members that explain how various provisions of the Act and the Code apply and, where relevant, Commissioner Dion’s interpretations of them. To view them, search our publications or visit the rules section of this website.

We give presentations to offices and organizations whose members are subject to the Act, in person or via webinar, and meet with the caucuses of recognized parties in the House of Commons and independent Members. We sometimes use Twitter​ to communicate directly with public office holders and Members. We send an annual letter to public office holders who do not have reporting obligations, reminding them of the Act’s conflict of interest rules.

We also educate and inform other stakeholders about Canada’s federal conflict of interest regimes and our Office’s role. They include ethics practitioners, academics and others with an interest in conflict of interest, the media and the general public.

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