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Reporting to Parliament

​​Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion reports directly to Parliament.

He is required to submit two annual reports to Parliament by June 30 each year. One is on the administration of the Conflict of Interest Act. The other is on the administration of the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons.

He must prepare a list of sponsored travel by Members of the House of Commons and submit it for tabling in the House, by March 31 each year.

He reports on his examinations under the Act to the prime minister and on his inquiries under the Code to the House of Commons.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics has oversight responsibility for the Office and reviews its annual spending estimates, as well as matters related to the Commissioner’s reports under the Act. The Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs has responsibility for the Code. Commissioner Dion testifies before these committees about the Office and its work.

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