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Report on survey of public office holders

​​As mentioned in the last Annual Report under the Act 2021-2022, in the interests of transparency, the 2022 Survey of Public Office Holders​ data is now available.​

The survey aimed to improve how the Office communicates and engages with public office holders. It reflects a key focus area of the Office’s 2021-2024 strategic plan: stakeholder communications and engagement.  

Survey participants were asked about their perceptions of the Office, their interactions with it and their level of satisfaction. Feedback was also sought on how and how often they would like to receive information, what kind of training options they prefer and ways the Office can better help them meet their obligations under the Act.  


  • ​​Positive overall impression of the Office: Most of the 455 respondents see the Office as credible (80%), impartial (76%), helpful (73%) and trustworthy (81%). 

  • Familiarity with the requirements of the Act: Almost all (97%) said they are familiar with their obligations under the Act. 

  • Satisfaction with one-on-one service delivery: Most (84%) said they had recently interacted one-on-one with an Office employee and were satisfied with the experience. They thought the employee was courteous and helpful (91%), provided a timely and accurate response (89%) and gave them the information they needed (86%). 

  • Training preferences: When asked about different training methods, most respondents said they prefer online training with a live presenter. The top three preferred training topics are material changes, recusals and post-employment.  

The Office is already using the results to help optimize service delivery so it can best support public office holders’ compliance with the Act.​

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