Working with Others

The Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner works with counterparts across Canada and around the world, exchanging information about conflict of interest rules and practices and discussing related issues to ensure the Office remains abreast of issues and developments in the field.

We coordinate information-gathering for the Canadian Conflict of Interest Network (CCOIN), which is made up of federal, provincial and territorial conflict of interest commissioners.

We also work with other Canadian offices where appropriate. In March 2018, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion signed with the Commissioner of Lobbying, Nancy Bélanger, a Memorandum of Understanding under which they have undertaken to jointly organize educational activities for their respective audiences.

Our Office is a member of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL), a U.S.-based international not-for-profit organization of government ethics practitioners.

It is a founding member of a new network of conflict of interest and parliamentary ethics organizations within the Francophonie. This network will foster the sharing of best practices among commissioners and other ethics and conflict of interest bodies with a view to enhancing expertise and accompanying parliaments of Francophonie member countries in the adoption of ethics principles and conflict of interest rules. Commissioner Mario Dion participated in the network’s first meeting, which took place on July 9, 2018 in Quebec City, in conjunction with the 44th plenary assembly of the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie.

We also act as an information resource for other countries and international organizations, by meeting with delegations, responding to inquiries and participating in conferences related to conflict of interest and ethics.